How to Remove Background From Video inshot

By | May 3, 2024


A number of tools are available in InShot, a well-known mobile video editing programme, to improve your video editing workflow. One such tool is backdrop removal, which gives users the ability to easily edit out backgrounds from films, opening up countless artistic options. We’ll take you step-by-step through the process of learning how to use InShot’s background removal feature so you can easily produce engaging movies.

Understanding Background Removal in InShot:

With InShot, users may remove backgrounds from their movies to isolate specific subjects. This tool gives you the freedom to be creative and flexible when positioning your subject against a different background or creating a transparent background.

Getting Started:

If you haven’t already, download and install the InShot app on your smartphone to get started. Open the application and choose the video that you want the background to be removed from. Press “Video” to add your video to the editor.

Accessing Background Removal Tool:

With its user-friendly interface, InShot makes the process of removing backgrounds easier. Once your movie has loaded, choose the “Effects” or “Tools” menu by navigating to the editing options. The “Background” or “Chroma Key” tool, which is necessary to eliminate the background, is located in this menu.

Using Chroma Key:

Chroma Key technology is used by InShot to eliminate backgrounds. Chroma Key works very well in videos with solid backgrounds, like blue or green. Press and hold the Chroma Key tool, then use the colour picker to select the background colour you wish to erase.

Adjusting Settings:

To get the desired outcome, adjust the Chroma Key settings accordingly. Tolerance, edge feathering, transparency, and other factors can be changed with InShot’s adjustable settings. Play around with these settings until the backdrop is removed smoothly and cleanly.

Manual Background Removal:

Manual removal could be required for videos with backgrounds that are more intricate. You can use the tools in InShot to manually remove the backdrop surrounding your subject. To ensure accuracy and precision, use the rubber tool to carefully remove undesirable background elements.

Previewing and Refining:

Check the quality of the output by watching your video after background removal. To guarantee that the topic is correctly isolated and the backdrop removal seems seamless, make any necessary adjustments. Utilise the playback options to go over your changes frame by frame.

Exporting Your Video:

It’s time to export your movie once the background removal is to your satisfaction. You can save your movie in a variety of formats and qualities with InShot’s export choices. Select the parameters that best fit the needs of your project, then hit “Export” to save your masterpiece.

Exploring Creative Possibilities:

Once you’ve mastered backdrop removal, let your imagination run wild and discover all the possibilities it presents. With InShot, you have the ability to realise your idea through the creation of translucent overlays, new background additions, and effect overlays.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Learning background removal with InShot takes trial and error, just like learning any other skill. To fully utilise this feature, keep refining your strategies and investigating more sophisticated ones.


To sum up, backdrop removal in InShot gives video aficionados endless creative options. Through the use of InShot’s tools and this thorough guide, you can easily remove backdrops from your films and improve their quality. Regardless of your background as an amateur filmmaker, social media influencer, or content creator, InShot gives you the resources you need to let your imagination run wild and create engaging video.

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