How to Earn Money on YouTube

By | June 9, 2024


With the help of YouTube, content producers can now effectively spread their knowledge, foster communities, and share their passions. It makes sense that a lot of individuals are looking for ways to make money on YouTube, given that the platform has over two billion monthly logged-in users. Regardless of your level of skill, there are a number of tactics you may use to successfully monetize your channel.

1. Ad Revenue

The most popular way to make money on YouTube is via running advertisements. You must sign up for the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) in order to begin making money from adverts. Your channel needs to have 4,000 view hours and 1,000 subscribers in order to be eligible. After being approved for YPP, you can have advertisements on your videos and get paid a portion of the money the commercials bring in. The type of advertising you run, the demographics of your audience, and the engagement rate of your videos all affect how much money you make.

2. Channel Memberships

You can start charging your viewers for channel memberships when your channel gets bigger. With the use of this tool, subscribers can become paying members and receive special benefits like live chats, emojis, badges, and members-only content. In addition to being a reliable source of cash, channel memberships can strengthen the community that surrounds your content. Your channel must have at least 30,000 subscribers in order to use this function.

3. Super Chat and Super Stickers

During live streaming, viewers can purchase animated pictures and highlighted messages with the Super Chat and Super Stickers services. Because these sponsored remarks are more noticeable in the chat, it is simpler for the originator to see them and reply. In addition to increasing audience engagement, this generates extra income, especially during live events or Q&A sessions.

4. Merchandise Shelf

Selling goods can be a lucrative endeavour if you have a strong brand or a devoted fan base. With the Merchandise Shelf function, you can display your branded goods right beneath your videos. To make this possible, YouTube collaborates with businesses like Spreadshop and Teespring. Selling goods expands the reach of your brand outside of the digital sphere and aids in revenue diversification.

5. Sponsored Content

Another profitable strategy to make money on YouTube is to work with sponsors to create sponsored video. Companies frequently pay artists to endorse their goods or services in their videos. Building a large, engaged audience and sticking to a regular content schedule are crucial for attracting sponsorships. To keep your viewers’ confidence and abide by YouTube’s rules, be open and honest with them about sponsored material.

6. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you may monetize your videos by endorsing goods and services and getting paid a commission for each transaction done using your special affiliate link. This can work especially well if your material is primarily product reviews, guides, or suggestions. You may get started by signing up for affiliate programmes offered by businesses like ClickBank, ShareASale, and Amazon. Make sure your audience is aware of your affiliate ties.

7. Crowdfunding

Your most devoted admirers can financially support you using platforms such as Buy Me a Coffee, Ko-fi, and Patreon. You can provide your supporters with individualised experiences, early access, or exclusive content by using these crowdfunding tools. In addition to helping producers who might not have enormous audiences but have very devoted followers, crowdfunding can offer a steady income.

8. YouTube Premium Revenue

For a monthly charge, YouTube Premium customers can access YouTube Originals, watch video without advertisements, and play music in the background. A portion of the money made by YouTube Premium subscribers who view your material goes to you as the producer. The amount of money is allocated according to the total amount of time these subscribers watch your material.

9. Digital Products and Courses

If you are an expert in a certain field, think about making and marketing online courses or digital goods. These courses can be hosted on websites you own, Teachable, or Udemy. To efficiently reach your audience, promote them on your YouTube channel. By using this strategy, you can make the most of your expertise and give your audience something extra.

10. Licensing Your Content

You can grant licences to media outlets, websites, and other creators for your videos if they are exceptionally distinctive or of high quality. By granting permission for others to use your content in return for payment, licencing adds another source of income without requiring more labour from you. Websites such as Storyful and Jukin Media might aid with this process.


To make money on YouTube, you need to be creative, persistent, and have a thorough understanding of your audience. You may create a long-lasting career as a content creator by expanding your sources of income through sponsorships, subscriptions, goods, ad revenue, and more. Keep in mind that success on YouTube takes time. Maintain your commitment, keep your content fresh, and interact with your audience to reap the benefits of financial gain and long-term growth.

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